Chick'n Craze Sampler

Chick'n Craze Sampler

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Indulge in the Chick'n Craze with our specially curated starter package! Satisfy your cravings for plant-based perfection with our best sellers:

1. Vegan Chicken Ham - A delightful fusion of flavors in thinly sliced chicken ham, entirely plant-based for guilt-free enjoyment.

2. Vegan Gong Bao Chicken - Experience the bold and spicy notes of Gong Bao Chicken reimagined in a delectable vegan form.

3. Vegan Spiced Chicken Leg - Sink your teeth into the savory goodness of a spiced chicken leg, crafted without any animal products.

4. Vegan Lemon Chicken - Zesty and refreshing, our Lemon Chicken offers a burst of citrusy goodness in every bite.

5. Vegan Chicken Bites - Irresistibly crunchy and bite-sized, these chicken bites are perfect for snacking without compromising on taste.

6. Vegan Whole White Chicken - Immerse yourself in the succulence and tenderness of our Vegan Whole White Chicken—a centerpiece that redefines cruelty-free dining. Enjoy the authentic texture, versatility for various culinary creations, and guilt-free indulgence, knowing it's entirely free from animal products.

For all the Chick'n enthusiasts out there, our Chick'n Craze starter package is designed to satisfy your cravings for plant-based perfection. Dive into the world of flavorful vegan alternatives today!

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EW from NYC
January 4, 2021
Not Sure What to Get?
Get this! This is a great sampler to try a lot of their products at a really good price. I love the drumsticks!
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Devon Kim from Chantilly, VA United States
September 11, 2019
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Catherine Rodgers from Berkeley Springs, WV United States
July 14, 2019
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Trinity Williams from Schertz, TX United States
April 14, 2019
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Lindsey Nielsen from orangevale, CA
February 24, 2019
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