Yaya Vegan Onigiri - Citrus Spare Ribs

Yaya Vegan Onigiri - Citrus Spare Ribs

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Riceball Flavor: Citrus Spare Ribs

Not only can you enjoy a vegan Japanese onigiri riceball, enjoy it with a filling of our famous vegan citrus spare ribs, spicy gong bao chicken with seaweed, or our ginger chicken.

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BarbaraH from Hatfield, PA
February 7, 2023
Delightful, would buy again
I've never had on a onigiri before and was curious how this is packaged to keep the nori dry. There's directions that show you how to unwrap it and pull it apart, of course I did it wrong but it still all worked out. This is easy to eat one handed,. The rice is nice and has a nice chew, not too hard not too soft and holds together perfectly. The citrus rib is nice, there's not much in these but it
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