Vegan Crispy Oyster

Vegan Crispy Oyster

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·Modified Starch ·Binding Agent ·Trehalose ·Potato Fiber ·Vegetarian Seasoning ·Salt ·Vegetarian Flavors

Heat vegetable oil (approximately 350 degrees) in a wok. Prepare a batter using prepackaged tempura mix found at your local supermarket. Dip the drumsticks into the tempura and make sure they are completely coated on both sides. Carefully put the drumsticks into the wok and fry them until golden brown. Remove from the wok and drain excess oil with a paper towel. Serve hot with sweet and sour sauce!


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Carolyn K. from St. Joseph, MN United States
June 6, 2023
Vegan Crispy Oyster
I found the Crispy oysters very flavorful and it was difficult to ration my portion so I wouldn't eat them so fast!
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Freda Thomas from Salt Lake City, UT United States
May 9, 2023
Haven’t tried the oyster
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R Ford from Texas
January 4, 2023
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WOW An all time favorite is back on the menu
My wife and I live on the Texas coast in a small fishing community and went vegan about 5 years ago.. One thing we have really missed is oysters. Our little town even has an annual Oysterfest. These were so tasty and perfectly seasoned. We are happy that one of our favorites is now available cruelty free. We only wish we could get a bigger bag :)
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